Recruiter Initiative

Welcome to the Circle Back Initiative for Individual Recruiters

CBI Recruiter - Championing Candidate Experience As An Individual Recruiter

CBI Recruiter is for talent professionals looking to become a part of a community, independent of an organisation. You prioritise candidate care and responding to every job applicant. 

Enhance your reputation and be recognised as a professional who prioritises exceptional candidate experience.

Why Join The Circle Back Initiative?

Simply, This Is Your Commit to Excellence.

Benefits To Members:

- Enhance personal brand and gain greater traction with top talent.
- Foster positive candidate relationships, turning applicants into advocates. 
- Receive a CBI Recruiter badge to showcase your commitment.
- Access exclusive candidate experience workshops to develop your skills.

How It Works

1. Sign The Pledge - Commit to responding to every applicant, ensuring every candidate receives an outcome.

2. Choose your Membership level - Starting from as little as $10 per month.

3. Proudly display the CBI Recruiter badge on job ads and career sites to demonstrate your commitment.

Join Us Today

Make a positive impact in the recruitment process. Show your dedication to providing a respectful and transparent experience for all candidates.

Employers and Agencies - Contact us about joining.
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