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Welcome to the Circle Back Initiative

The Circle Back Initiative, launched in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, is dedicated to enhancing the mental well-being of job candidates by ensuring they receive a response to job applications and are not ghosted throughout the recruitment process. This initiative, free for employers to be involved in brings together a collection of 300+ employers committed to our standards of candidate care. 

By joining the Circle Back Initiative, our champions pledge to respond to every applicant. This collective effort aims to create a more transparent and supportive experience for all job seekers.

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What is the Circle Back Initiative?

The Circle Back Initiative is a collection of employer and recruitment and staffing agencies who commit to responding to every job applicant.

The Circle Back Initiative is a collection of employer and recruitment agencies who commit to responding to every job applicant. 

One of the biggest complaints we hear from candidates is that they often do not hear back from employers and agencies post-application or even interview. 

An application and recruitment  process can often be an emotional and frustrating one.  Candidates invest significant amounts of time and energy into improving and honing their CVs, cover letters,  job applications and preparing for interviews. They're often jumping through application hoops put in their way to finally be able to click submit or attend an interview,  which is invariably followed by........ silence. 

Particularly in the current climate, so much hope hangs on every job application. Our view is that employers have a significant part to play in treating this hope and the applicant with respect, and provide a candidate experience that counts, by responding to every applicant. 

Not only that, but we know providing a great candidate experience helps employers and recruitment agencies to protect and showcase their brand, create and maintain an excellent reputation, candidates become or stay as customers, and additionally become advocates for your organisation. We also find that we can hire great people, faster.

We want to help make a change and encourage and champion organisations who respond to every applicant. We recognise this can be a challenge when it comes to the volume of applications received; however, we are here to support and advise employers who would like to achieve this. 

We are looking for employers and recruitment to become a Circle Back Initiative Employer by bringing meaning to the candidate experience by committing to respond to all applicants.  Employers are responsible for monitoring their commitment to respond to every applicant.

By signing up for the Circle Back Initiative, your organisation is making a commitment, along with other employers, to ensure EVERY candidate who applies for a role in your company receives an outcome response. 

Each employer or recruitment agency will receive a Circle Back Initiative badge, which can be used on job ads and careers websites, for example, to highlight your commitment.

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We commit to respond to every applicant 


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