Recruitment Agency Initiative
Recruitment Agency Initiative

By signing up for the Circle Back Initiative, your recruitment and staffing agency is making a commitment, along with other  agencies and employers , to ensure EVERY candidate who applies for a role through your agency receives an outcome response. 

Each agency will receive a Circle Back Initiative badge, which can be used on job ads and websites, for example, to highlight your commitment.  

This is a paid for service (price on application) where we will monitor recruitment agencies compliance against the below commitments throughout the year and market agencies on our website (see below).  We will:

Make mystery applications to you every month, and report back quarterly on the roles we applied to and the compliance against the Circle Back Initiative standards. (note standard 3 will not be audited however we encourage employers to do so) 

Monitor jobs ads and ensure compliance against the CBI Standards (included in the above report) 

CBI Recruitment Agency Badge for use in your marketing , RFPs etc 

Your logo on the CBI Agency Webpage with intro , areas of specialism, contact info. 

The Circle Back Initiative Recruitment Agency Commitments

The Circle Back Initiative Recruitment Agencies agree to the following 4 standards as a minimum.

1. Every applicant receives an application received email

Every applicant must receive an email acknowledging receipt of their application. The email receipt should not include statements such as “if you do not hear from us within “x” weeks please presume your application has been unsuccessful” or “Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted”

2. Every unsuccessful application receives an outcome email, sms or other written communication.

Not hearing back on a job application is one of the biggest complaints from applicants. Our guiding standard is that every applicant receives an outcome email, SMS or Whatsapp message or other written communication as a minimum.

3. Candidates submitted to an Employer must receive an outcome once received by the agency

If the agency submits a candidate to an Employer, once the outcome has been received by the agency, they must provide an outcome communication to the candidate, which must be a call if the candidate is interviewed by the employer except in the case where this is a high volume / bulk hiring campaign.  In these cases written communication is acceptable, providing the candidate has been made aware prior to interview that this will be the method of communication.

4. Job adverts do not include the following statements

Jobs adverts to not contain statements such as “only shortlist candidates / successful candidates will be contacted”

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